No Plastic Project

EMA’S plastic reduction targets started in 2018

In April 2018 EMA’S started a project to reduce imported plastic packings, based on our import of ginger.

We started by converting to shipping ginger on racks but quickly found out that the CO2 emissions were too high considering that we had to ship the empty racks back to China.  We then converted to shipping ginger in open cardboard boxes and repacking them into recycle crates in Holland to meet our goal of not importing ginger in plastic boxes.

Check the excel sheet for results and future goals:

Following up on last years plastic packing saving goal on our ginger arrivals from China.

We had targets of saving 50.000 kg plastic and managed to reach 68103 kg in 2020 which was a success for us.

Our target this year on the ginger is set to save 50.000 kg. plastic on packing materials.  Due to lockdowns and less export from China we have less volumes of ginger pre booked.

To save packing materials we have more clients who have adjusted and are now working with recycle crates and pallets. This means that we can offer all items packed in IFCO, SRS and EPS boxes and likewise using Euro, SRS, DPS, and IFCO pallets.

We are currently working on further ideas to reduce plastic packings on our imports.  Our Brazilian papaya are since July 2021 now tissue wrapped instead of wrapped in foam nets and without stickers on the fruits. 

We are promoting sales of exotics in loose boxes rather than consumer units to minimize the use of packing materials and promoting the consumers option to choose themselves how much they want to buy / need and that way avoid food waste.  Studies indicate that this freedom to choose and by loose reduces food waste significantly.

We always welcome other ideas or wishes to reduce plastic packing on our products so do not hesitate to contact us so we can take this in consideration.

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