Sustainability 2021 by EMA´S A/S

EMA`S is a Danish company, specialized in Exotic fruit and vegetables.  We import from all over the world and via our warehouse in Holland, we arrange supplies to customers all over Europe.   EMA´S was founded more than 25 years ago and the passion for exotics keeps being the motivating drive every day.

Our passion for exotics goes beyond the fruits and vegetables. We work with our suppliers, their families and the environment we all live in and keep focus on the small differences we each can contribute with, to work towards a better future.

Our big focus started in 2018 and continued in 2019 and 2020 was to reduce plastic imported.  Our goal for 2021 is to push this a step further and keep focus on organic packing materials.  Along side this we keep working with our long term partners around the world, keeping focus on social / environmental certifications and options where we can support and develop with them.

We keep focus on packing into recyclable boxes / pallets for our customers.  We import many of our items in bigger / bulk units and repack them in recycle boxes in Holland before sending to customers.  We encourage all clients to load pallets are full, and this way minimize the CO2 emissions pr bx / pallet during logistics.

EMA´S A/S warehouse in Holland is located in Poeldijk at the ABC facilities  nr 210.    ABC constantly improve and modernize their complex so the operations are as energy efficient as possible

EMA’S sources around the world

China:  We have had a lot of focus since 2018 on our ginger production and import to Europe. We started a project, inspired by one of our customers in April 2018, where we stopped importing ginger in the usual plastic boxes, and converted to shipping loose on racks first but now taken a step further into recyclable cardboard units.  Our packing lines in Holland daily repack into recyclable SRS and IFCO boxes. 

Our farmers in China have asked their local government for help to develop / improve roads and storage up on the mountains which has been funded for them.  The local government also installed solar powered lamps and transportation is now mostly electrical.

Our supplier has GlobalG.A.P, Grasp and Smeta social certification.

Thailand: Our supplier of mix air shipments of fruits and vegetables and his family has been with EMAS for almost 20 years. Their packing station is in Bangkok and the family farm is located in the mountains towards Burma.  They have focus on protection of the environment.  

Our supplier has GlobalG.A.P and Smeta social certification. 

Malaysia: We import carambola by air and supplement with smaller exotics.  Our supplier has been a part of the EMA´S team for 25 years.  When its possible to get stable and reliable sea freight, we try to import carambola in sea containers to save CO2.  We will continue to try to develop this more in the future. 

Our supplier has GlobalG.A.P and Smeta social certification. (Working on Grasp on first coming audit)

Peru:  Our supplier in Peru is sending organic ginger and turmeric in cardboard boxes to us in Europe by sea freight. In addition they are developing production of special exotics for us. To begin with Grenadilla, Maracuya and Tamarillo are in focus.  The production is from small controlled family farms who will be supported best possible so they can develop and expand in the future.  

Our supplier from Peru is certified with GlobalG.A.P, Grasp, Fair for life, Smeta and Organic.

Brazil:  We import golden papaya and Formosa papaya from supplier in Brazil. We have removed plastic netting and fruit stickers from the packing and gone back to natural packing materials.

Our supplier from Brazil has GlobalG.A.P, Grasp, Fair for Life and Smeta social certification.  

Vietnam:  To minimize CO2 emissions we ventured into a sea freight program with Vietnamese dragon fruits to Europe end of 2020.  This gave us mixed experiences, with massive vessel delays giving quality issues on arrival. Similar to Carambola shipment by sea, this is on pause these months until shipping lines find stability in their programs again.  Our supplier is currently working on alternative packing options to extend shelf life and we hope to be able to pick up end 2021 with new sea containers.

Our supplier from Vietnam has GlobalG.A.P, Grasp and Smeta social certification.

South Africa/Zambia/Zimbabwe:  Our passionfruit supplier continues to ship by airfreight to us.  Slow sea freight connections will have too much impact on the passionfruit quality. 

Our supplier has  GlobalG.A.P and Siza social certification.

South Africa: A new project from a second supplier we started this year sea program in orange sweet potatoes,  shipped in bins and similar to ginger we pack them in recycle boxes.  

Our supplier for this has GlobalG.A.P and Siza social certification.


Local purchases in Holland: 

Our main chili supplier in Holland has greenhouses in both Holland and Spain so they are able to supply all year. They grow all types of chilies and have state of the art packing facilities. Production is conventional and organic.  Pesticides are avoided in the green houses by using bio protection systems. Our supplier supports social projects for low income groups in the local society.

Our supplier has GlobalG.A.P and IFS food certification.

Our main supplier of Thai cut pyramid coconuts  is shipping to us in Europe in sea containers. This brings down the CO2 emissions  compared to airfreight. All packings in cardboard boxes.

Our supplier is GlobalG.A.P and Rainforest Alliance certified.

Our supplier of conventional/organic coconuts ( all year) and Mangoes ( seasonal) from Ivory Coast is shipping in sea containers to Europe to minimize CO2 emissions. 

Our supplier has GlobalG.A.P and Rainforest Alliance certification.

Our supplier of conventional Lychees from Madagascar ships to Europe in December by ship.  Season is short and volumes are big for Christmas and New Year.

Our supplier has GlobalG.A.P and Grasp certification.


Our warehouse in Holland is located at ABC Logistics in Poeldijk.  They have focus on energy saving, and recycling of waste and packing materials.  New developments are constantly being added to be as efficient as possible.

Office and policy wise we have focus on paper saving, all lighting is LED, saving on electricity when possible and as many other aspects as possible contributing to as much CO2 deduction.  

Our current focus remains on the efforts we can do right now which have an impact now rather than in 5-10 years.   

You are always welcome to link to our home page where you and the consumers can see and read more about our exotics and the efforts we do regarding sustainability.  

You are of course welcome to come back to me if you have questions or need more information. 

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