We have a long history of dedication to Exotics, our Suppliers and service to our Customers.   We listen to needs, understand the requests and try our best to make all happen the best way possible.

We have a devoted and experienced team in Denmark and Holland to whom service is a core value.  Our administration, purchases and sales take place from our office in Ebeltoft, Denmark.  All our product handling, logistics and distribution is handled via our warehouse company in Holland.  

We have experience in imports from Asian, African and South American Countries.  We serve weekly clients all over Europe and export to outside countries regularly.  

We try to compile all this experience in our daily operations to help and serve you best possible.


We source ginger from China and Peru.  Combine supplies from different sources and suppliers to make sure we have the best quality 12 months a year.  Conventional and organic are both possible.  Ginger arrives in Holland in the most environmental packings possible.  We repack the ginger in consumer units and in the process grade and select according to customer specs.  We can offer all weights in loose packs and the option of receiving recycle boxes from SRS, IFCO and EPS.  

Chinese gingers prime season is from march to November.  Peruvian ginger ( which is also organic) is from  July to February, and Brazil is from May to October.

Our ginger suppliers have GlobalGAP, and social certification.  Following years of experience and development with them, we are confident in their ability to meet your technical needs.

Other items we can recommend

Carambola from Fruit Plus in Malaysia.  25 years of experience and transparent supply options.  Seasonally  Malaysia also offers Papaya, Pitahaya, Rambutan and Mangostan.  Our supplier has GG and Smeta social cert.

Thai exotics with focus on air shipments ( baby corn, lemongrass, turmeric, banana leaves, galangal, lime leaves etc.). Supplier has GG and Smeta social cert.

Thailand also ships Sea freight Pyramid coconuts.  They have GG and Grasp social cert.

Sweet potatoes from USA and South Africa.  We currently have orange meat potatoes in Holland.  We will also have purple and white meat again in November 2022.  Suppliers have GG and Social cert.   We receive most of the sweet potatoes in big boxes and bins and pack daily for our retailers according to their requirements.

African Passion fruits are mostly in Esther variety.  Shipments rotate between farms in South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.  Farmers have GG and Social certifications.  Mainly airfreight, but when volumes are available also sea containers.

Chilies, Berries and Cress from Dutch and Spanish growers.  All varieties and packing options possible.

Seasonal from Asia:  Rambutan from Vietnam and Mangostan from Indonesia

Exotics from Spain: Mangoes, Cherimoya, Pitahaya, Fingerlimes and Papaya.

Our Ripened programs:  Avocadoes and Mangoes.  

We have supply options most of the year for XF Beans, Mangetout, Sugar Snaps and Asparagus.


Team EMA’S

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Tel  +45 86173044 or +46 23651294


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