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About EMA'S A/S Denmark

EMA’S  has a long history of dedication to Exotics, our Suppliers and service to our Customers.   We listen to needs, understand the requests and try our best to make all happen the best way possible.

We have a devoted and experienced team in Denmark to whom service is a core value.  Our administration, purchases and sales take place from our office in Ebeltoft, Denmark.  All our product handling, logistics and distribution is handled via our warehouse company in Holland.

We have experience in imports from Asian, African and South American Countries.  We serve weekly clients all over Europe and export to outside countries regularly.

We try to compile all this experience in our daily operations to help and serve you best possible.  EMA’S Denmark has an IFS Broker certification and permit from FVST to work with organics.

About EMA'S Holland B.V.

EMAS Holland operates partially as a logistics handling company for EMA’S Dk, and partially for other own clients.

EMA’S Holland is located in Poeldijk, Holland.

The team at EMAS Holland has a lot of experience in handling local produce and imported exotics by both sea and air.

Quality checking, storage and packing is done daily so clients always load the best possible.  EMAS Holland has together with EMA’S DK focus on the environment in regards to minimizing usage of plastic packing materials, so focus from their side is cardboard and all types of recycle boxes.

EMAS Holland has own Skal certification for handling of organics and is tenant of the ABC Logistics Facility meaning IFS and BRC certifications.

Office Denmark location

Office Holland & Warehouse location

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