Sustainability by EMA´S A/S

EMA`S is a Danish company, specialized in Exotic fruit and vegetables. We import from all over the world and via our warehouse in Holland, we arrange supplies to customers in Europe. EMA´S was founded 25 years ago and the passion for exotics keeps being the motivating drive every day.

Our passion for exotics goes beyond the fruits and vegetables. We work with our suppliers, their families and the environment we all live in and keep focus on the small differences we each can contribute with, to work towards a better future.

Our big focus in 2018 was to reduce plastic imported. We continued this in 2019 and our goal is to push this a step further in 2020 while keeping focus on organic packing materials. Along side this we keep working with our long term partners around the world, keeping focus on social / environmental certifications and options where we can support and develop with them.

We keep focus on packing into recyclable boxes / pallets for our customers. We import many of our items in bigger / bulk units and repack them in recycle boxes in Holland before sending to customers.

EMA´S A/S warehouse in Holland is located at Euro-West. Recent environmental initiatives:

· Cooling room engines were replaced in 2018 to a new environmental friendly type.

· April 2019 the roof of the warehouse will be replaced with solar panels to help operate light and electricity for the pump trucks.

· All waste is sorted and recycled.

· All lighting was changed in 2018 to LED to save electricity.

Suppliers/Sources around the world


We had a lot of focus in 2018/2019 and again in 2020 on our ginger production and import to Europe. We started a project, in April 2018, where we stopped importing ginger in the usual plastic boxes ( ginger is wet when exported and needs humidity durable packaging), and converted to shipping in special cardboard boxes and loose on racks. To support this we have set up drying rooms and packing lines in Holland.


Our lime farm north of Veracruz has both GG and Smeta certification. Our partner has bought virgin land in 2018 in the hills close by and we have started setup of a big new organic lime plantation. Focus from the beginning is to protect the environment, be organic, support the local community and find the right balance to be as ecofriendly as possible.


We import carambola by air and supplement with smaller exotics. Our supplier has been a part of the EMA´S team for 25 years. We have GG and Smeta social certification. In 2020 We are working on a project in to minimize the CO2 emissions by offering sea freight carambola compared to airfreight.


Our supplier produces Passion fruits, Sugar snaps and Mangetout. He continues to have focus on the environment by using rainwater ponds for the drip irrigation to save water and is constantly developing new bio-tec ideas to minimize the use of chemicals at the farms. We have GG and Smeta certification in Zimbabwe. Farms constantly work towards environmentally intelligent farming, with great improvements every year.


Our chili grower In Holland has green houses both in Holland and in Spain so they are able to supply all year. They grow all types of chilies and have state of the art packing facilities. Production is Conventional and bio. Pesticides are avoided in the greenhouses by using bio protection systems. Our grower supports Social projects for low income groups in the local society.


We are supporting a project with an organic exporter to develop special exotics as organic. To begin with Grenadilla, Maracuya, Tamarillo and Carambola will be in focus. Production is from small controlled family farms who will be supported best possible so they can develop and grow in the future. So far we have weekly arrivals and we can see progress every week.