Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are in spite of their name not potatoes but roots, and healthy ones also. 


Sweet potatoes come in many color combinations.  Most common are the brown/orange out orange in.  Other options are purple/purple, purple/white, white/white White/orange.


From the USA main varieties are Covington and          Beauregard. These are mainly grown in North and South Carolina.


From South Africa main varieties are Bellevue, Sakura, Purple Night and Blesbok. South Africa also offers organic sweet potatoes.


Spain and Egypt mainly grown the USA variants. 

Other sources of sweet potatoes could be Honduras, Guatemala, China and Brazil.


Season planning is possible on the crop from RSA starting March 2021.


Most used Packing options are 6kg 18kg and bins.  We can offer to repack the sweet potatoes in Holland to your needs.