Ginger is grown in most tropical parts of the world.

Most important countries of production today are China, Brazil, Peru and Thailand. EMA'S ginger is grown in China and our supplier with whom we have had partnership with for more than 10 years is Global Gap and SMETA certified. 

The Chinese pack house ships ginger to EMA'S in 5 kg and 13 kg boxes. Repack in nets and trays are done in Holland.


Young ginger roots are juicy and very mild in taste making them ideal for pickling and coking. The juice from older ginger is very strong and classically used in Chinese and Thai coking.  Ginger is, apart from coking, also used in production of medicine, candy, cakes and beer.


The ginger root is often referred to as a hand. It is used as a spice in Asian coking. Medically it is believed to have similar benefits as galangal root. This believes include abilities to cure stomachache, diarrhoea, nausea, motion sickness, headache and circulatory problems.


Ginger is best kept dry, out of sunlight ( or it will sprout ) and at temperatures between 12-14 deg. Shelf life ranges from 10-20 days.