Baby Corn

Baby Corn

Baby corn belongs botanically to the grass family. Corn originates from America where Indians have been cultivating these for many years. The Indians mainly used corn to make flour.  Corn is now grown all over the world with USA, China and Thailand as the main producers. Baby corn mainly comes from Thailand, India and Kenya where they are grown in big plantations.


The unique thing about baby corn is that you can eat cob and all. This little corn has a very mild taste and can be used in almost all types of coking.

In many Asian dishes this little corn is most often used boiled or fried.  Boiling should only be for 3-5 minutes or the baby corn will loose their fresh taste and crisp feeling.

Baby corn is suitable with stews, in wok food, sautéed and/or with meat and fish dishes. Most of the baby corn production in Asia is used in the canned food industry.

Baby corn is nutritionally considered one of the most energy correct products to eat.  At the same time they contain high levels of vitamins and minerals.


Baby corn should be kept in bags or sealed, chilled at 8 deg. Shelf life is 10-14 days. Baby corn need to be cooked before eating to minimize chances for coli bacteria.

Baby corn should be boiled for a shorter period of time before eating