Organic Ginger



Organic Ginger from China.

EMA'S has been involved in ginger from China for more than 15 years. Selected suppliers in China are currently producing organic ginger and will continue in the 2020 season.

All incomming shipments can be packed according to your requirements and loaded from our warehouse in Poelidjk, Holland. 

Our organic ginger is certified at all levels.

Organic Ginger from Peru

EMA'S has added this option lately as a suppliement to the Chinese organic ginger which has low season from December to Febuary.

Packing options from Peru are 2, 4.5, and 13.6kg cardboard boxes

Programs, planning and customized packings can be made for both origins. 

Ginger is best stored at 12-14 deg, dry, well ventilated and out of sunlight.

Light makes the ginger start to sprout/grow which is a sign that the ginger is alive and healthy. Sprouts can be eaten directly as a delicacy.