Grenadilla belongs botanically to the passion fruit family from South America. This family of flowers is a vine similar to clematis. The fruits in the pictures on this page are from Colombia.


Grenadilla fruits are green while growing and will mature into yellow/orange skin colours when ready to eat. Inside the fruit the meat is dominated by black pits and soft white juice. Most common way to eat Grenadilla is to cut the fruit in ½ and eat the meat/juice with a spoon. The taste of the Grenadilla is similar to passion fruit, only milder and sweeter


Grenadilla is most commonly consumed fresh due to its sweet taste.

Fruit salads, cakes, and with cheese.  In the food industry Grenadilla is used in juice production and afterwards the pits are pressed to make oil.  This oil is considered quite healthy due to its composition of complex oils. Grenadilla is very rich in vitamin A and C.


Most Grenadillas arrive in Europe by air. Sea freight is possible, but volumes consumed are lesser only allowing imports to be done by air. Grenadilla should be kept cooled at around 7-8 deg. Shelf life is approx 8-10 days. When kept at room temperature the shelf life is 3-5 days. Grenadilla is not suitable for freezing.  After harvest the fruit skin dehydrates. This causes the smooth skin to wrinkle and resemble “golf balls”. This is a natural process and should be viewed as maturing and ready to eat.