Pineapples originate from the southern parts of Brazil and it was most likely ”Columbus” who brought the fruits back to Europe. Baby pineapples are a variety of normal Pineapples.  Pineapples are today grown all over the world in tropical and sub tropical regions.

Main production countries today are Brazil, Central America, West Africa and Asia.  The Baby Pineapples in the pictures on this page are from South Africa.

Baby Pineapples:

Baby Pineapples are a relative young variety. These fruits have extra sweetness and taste. Most used variety of Baby Pineapple is the Victoria. The meat inside is firm, juicy, sweet and with some fibres.

Pineapples contain A B and C-vitamins.


Baby Pineapples are most frequently used fresh, in fruit salads, as garnish with cakes and deserts.  Baby pineapples can be used in halves with fish and shrimp meals. A slice of pineapple is very useful when eating heavy meals. Pineapples stimulate the digestion and are soothing when eating spicy foods.


Most Baby Pineapples arrive to Europe by airfreight ready to eat. When kept cooled at 8 deg. They have a shelf life of 6-7 days.  Pineapples will receive chill damage if they are kept under 5 deg. At room temperature the shelf life is 3 days.