Passion Fruit


Passion Fruit

Passion fruits belong botanically to the passion fruit flower family. There are around 600 varieties in this family. It is believed that they originate from South America. But today they come alos from Africa and Asia. The common trait for this family is that the plants are all vines. The Passion fruits in the pictures on this page is from Malaysia.

A mature fruits are green.  When they mature they turn purple/brown. Harvest takes place when the purple colour starts to dominate the skin colour.  The passion fruits will continue to mature during transport. When tasting passion fruits, normal procedure is to cut the fruit in ½ and eat the juice/pits with a spoon. The taste is very aromatic and strong. It is both sweet and sour at the same time. The passion fruit juice may well be the strongest fruit juice in the world.


Passion fruits are mostly used fresh so the taste can be enjoyed to its fullest.  How ever the juice is also used in fruit salads, cakes, sauces, ice cream and in food industry in marmalades and juice.  Passion fruit juice is rich in vitamin A and C.


Passion fruits kept chilled between 5-10 deg should have a shelf life of 10-14 days. At room temperature the shelf life is 4-6 days. Passion fruit juice is not suitable for freezing. After harvest, the fruit continues to mature. Moisture evaporates from the skin, which starts to wrinkle. This is not a bad sign, but rather a sign that the fruit is soon ready to eat.