Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

Malaysian Passion Fruit

The special variety of passion fruits grown in Malaysia is called Pink Passion. Fruits are quite big and a 2kg box contains from 18-22 pieces. The distinctive skin is quite thick, giving the fruit a good shelf life.


Pink passion fruits are grown all year.  Harvest is weekly and they sent to Europe by airfreight.   Lead time on pre booking is 1 week.


Taste is typical passionfruit but a bit more fresh and aromatic. Pink Passion can be eaten as is or in sauces for deserts, with yoghurt or in ice-cream and cakes.

African Passion Fruits


Mainly Edulis and Esters.

Edulis is roundish in shape, dark purple in color and typically a bit smaller in size packing  45-55 pcs pr bx.

Skin is quite firm and shelf life is good.  Taste is very sweet and aromatic.


Ester is more egg shaped and red in coloration.  Fruits are bigger normally packing either 20-25 pcs 1 layer packing or 35-40pcs in a 2kg box.  Taste is sweet and aromatic.


African passion fruits come from Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa.  Seasons rotate between the 3 countries making quite stable supplies possible.  


Products are flown directly to Amsterdam.  Air freight product arrives in Europe with more flavor and more juice as the fruit is allowed to ripen on the vine.


Colombian Passion Fruits


These are mainly shipped in 2kg boxes to Europe by sea freight in climate bags.  Fruits are purple and round in shape.  Taste is aromatic but less sweet than the African passion fruits.  Lead time on these Is 3 weeks, but most of the time spot loadings are possible daily.