Passion Fruit


Passion Fruit

Malaysian Passion Fruit

A special variety of passion fruits grown in Malaysia. Fruits are quite big and a 2kg box contains from 18-20 pieces. The distinctive skin is quite thick, giving the fruit a good shelflife.

Pink passion fruits are grown all year.  Harvest is weekly and they sent to Europe by airfreight.

Taste is typical passionfruit but a bit more sweet and aromatic. Pink passion fruit can be eaten as is or in sauces for deserts, with yoghurt or in ice-cream and cakes.

Zimbabwe Passion Fruit

Bally takes great pride in the work they have done to turn their production into a very eco friendly environment. All irrigation is from rain fed dams (reservoirs) with the use of drip irrigation to conserve water. They follow a pulse irrigation system so that small quantities of fertilizer are injected directly to sustain plant growth as required.

Bally is in production for 45 weeks of the year, but naturally have peaks and troughs. Bally plants annually which is expensive, but this ensures healthy plants that don’t require a lot of sprays.

There are two dips in the production cycle caused by temperature spikes. October heat waves increase flower drop so we have a dip from around January 20th to February 20th. The June/July cold spell and frost reduces production from September 10th to October 20th. The rest of the year they are covered.

Bally will, in most cases, pack to your specifications, unless we cannot get certain packaging types from South Africa, which is where we source the majority of our packaging materials.

The majority of products are flown directly to Amsterdam as well as London. Bally finds that their air freight product arrives in Europe with more flavour and more juice as the fruit is allowed to ripen on the vine.

Bally currently packs the following pack sizes

2kg Loose

2 / 3 / or 4 fruit in a bag

6 fruit in a punnet

Bally is able to print generic labels with or without bar codes.