”Lychee is also called the real passion fruit since it in China is considered they symbol of love.”



Cultivation of lychee started already in year 2000 B.C. in China.  Lychees were very appreciated and treasured. In some regions so treasured that taxes could be paid in Lychee. From Asia the cultivation of lychee has spread all over the world.  The lychees in the pictures on this page are from Madagascar and Thailand.


Lychee is a close relative of Rambutan. The lychee fruit is oval in shape and about the size of a cherry.  Few varieties can grow to double this size.  The fruit colour on the tree is pink, after harvest it browns in colour. The fruit meat is quite firm, juicy and white in colour. The taste is quite spicy and sweet. In the centre there is a brown pit about the size of an almond. This pit is not edible.


Lychee should be enjoyed fresh. The taste is so delicious it can be a desert by it self. Some chose to serve lychee with meat and fish dishes. Lychee has a unique ability to sooth the burning sensation of Chilli.


Cooled at 2 deg in a plastic bag the shelf life is 1-2 weeks. At room temperature the shelf life is 2-3 days. Lychees have to be handled very carefully.  If the skin cracks the fruit will dehydrate and mould very quick.