The coconut palm tree is believed to originate from Polynesia and has from here nuts have drifted with ocean currents to South America.  Today, coconuts palm trees are found all along tropical coastlines.

The coconut as we know it in its brown hard shell is actually the seed inside the fruit.  The nut has a brown and very hard shell. Under the shell the nut has its white meat and inside the juice which is called coconut milk. The coconut is eaten like a fruit by cracking open the shell, drinking the coconut water and eating the meat.



The coconut palm tree is considered to be the “tree of life” many places in the world due to its important benefits and abilities.

Drinking coconuts are cleaned/shaved before packed and shipped for consumption. This product has a smooth white surface shaped as a pyramid. You punch a hole in the top and use a straw to drink the milk.  Normal brown coconuts are shipped in bags of 20-25kg.  These nuts are mainly consumed for their white meat inside.  Coconut flower is made from the coconut meat packed in bags and shipped, as we know it from the supermarkets. Coconut meat and milk is suitable in cocking spicy food and for desserts/cakes.


Coconuts should be kept dark and around 10-15 degrees and well ventilated. Shelf life is anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the original quality.