Brown Coconuts

These come mainly from Ivory Coast. They arrive in 22kg bags with normally 50-55 bags per pallet. Main sizes are count 35-40-50.

Brown Coconuts can be repacked in boxes according to requirements.

Storage is best at 8-10 deg, dry and without sunlight

White Coconuts

Our white coconuts come from Thailand. They are also called shaved, pyramid or drinking coconuts.

The green outer skin has been shaven off, leaving the coconut in a pyramid shape. These are younger nuts, where meat has not formed as in brown coconuts. 

White coconuts are mainly sold in boxes with six or nine pieces. White coconuts are filmed to keep the color and freshness.

Storage is best at 2-5 deg.

Green Coconuts

These are fresh whole coconuts with fibers and skin on the outside. You may say that these are fresh froom the palm trees.