Kumquats belong to the same family of citrus as orange, lemon, lime mandarin and pomelo.


Kumquat means golden in Chinese. Kumquats originate from south China.  Around year 1900 Kumquats were brought around the world by traders and today most imports to Europe come from South Africa, Israel, and Argentina.  The fruit in the pictures on this page are from Israel. In Europe Kumquats trees can today be found in Spain, Italy and in green houses and private homes.


Kumquats are the only citrus where skin, pits and meat is all edible.

The taste of Kumquats is fresh, sweet and without the strong acidic trait of other citrus. Colour ranges from yellow to orange.


Kumquats can be eaten fresh and is known in fine coking for its decorative traits. Kumquats can also be used in drinks, in cakes, muffins, desserts, and pickled. Kumquats contains large amounts of pectin which makes it ideal for marmalade, jell and compote.


Kumquats are best kept cooled around 10 deg.  Shelf life is 2-3 weeks. Kumquats are not post harvest skin treated, so some fruits may loose shelf life faster than others.  At room temperature the shelf life is around 1 week.