Mangostan originates from Malaysia/Indonesia where it grows wild in the jungle. Today production has spread to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia. 

The mangostan tree carries fruits when it is 15 years old and is very demanding in regards to climate and soil conditions.

The skin colour of the mangostan can range from brown to purple. Cutting through the thick skin along “equator” opens the mangostan. Inside the mangostan there are 5-7 meat filets, which are white. These white filets are very juicy, tasteful and delicate.

The fibres under the skin which surround the filets is not edible. (although used for medical purposes.)


This fruit can be used in many ways. It is firstly used as fresh fruit due to the splendid taste. It can also be used as garnish for cakes, desserts, and fruit salads and as a special treat on fried meat and poultry.


Mangostan should be kept chilled at 10-12 deg. in a bag where they can last 2-3 weeks. At room temperature they will last 4-5 days. A special thing to note is that the harder the skin, the older the mangostan.