Office Holland

The Office in Holland

Your EMA'S Holland team consists of 7 persons. We have all been dedicated to the work and handling of exotics for many years. We use our expertise to give you the best service and support possible.  Every single box is important for us knowing it means a lot to you.

Our booking system “Jaya” is online with the office in Denmark. All movements they plan for you are immediately seen by us in Holland, and we are ready to take over and plan your loading. We know what product specifications you prefer, how you like your pallets packed and who is coming to load for you. We work as a team with the Eurowest staff so if you need something packed we plan this with Eurowest and we take care that everything is just the way you want it. 

EMA'S is IFS Broker certified.  Our facilities in Holland are located at the Euro West Warehouse in Poeldijk.  The Euro West warehouse is BRC, IFS and SKAL certified. You can normally load our pallets from docks 19 and 20. We plan the loading time with your transporter so he can quickly dock in, load, and be on his way as fast as possible. If your truck is delayed we suggest you call us so we can try to arrange that you load from the Euro West night dock instead.

EMA'S Holland B.V. is a daughter company of EMA'S A/S, Denmark. We were founded in 2013.

EMA'S Holland B.V.

ABC Westland 374 A

NL 2686DD Poeldijk

The Netherlands

Phone: +4578789186 or +4578789187

Fax: +31 174 28 79 31

E mail:

Contact:  Sylvia Van Reenen