Office Denmark

The Office in Denmark

Your EMA'S team in Denmark has been dedicated to the work and trade of exotics for many years. We use our expertise to give you the best service, product and support possible.  Every single box is important for us knowing it means a lot to you.  Everyone in the office team has responsibilities in purchases and sales so we are all involved in both worlds. We can back each other up and in that way support you best possible all the time.   

Our booking system is online with the office in Holland.  All movements planned for you are immediately seen by the team there, ready to take over and plan your loading.  The team in Holland knows what product specifications you prefer, how you like your pallets packed and who is coming to load for you.

Our office is located in Ebeltoft, Denmark.  We have a floor in an old historic building at the port side. 

From the office we have a view to the old warship “Jylland” -

We can arrange a tour if you visit us.  The EMA'S office is close to Aarhus airport from where we can easily fly to Holland if our presence is needed there.

We try our best to be as environmentally conscious as possible.  We have low energy light, we work on paper saving and drive economic diesel cars.

We support our suppliers best possible, they have been with us for a long time and are almost family. Our suppliers know who is receiving their products, and do their best to meet all your specific requests.