About Us


About us at EMA'S

EMA'S philosophy is to source top quality exotic fruits and vegetables at their point of origin for you.

To import them and hereafter to distribute them throughout the continent giving you and your consumer the best possible experience with these exciting products. 

We consider our suppliers as our family, and work mostly with long term partnerships around the world. Our suppliers are experienced in their fields and know what makes the difference for our customers.  They have focus on food safety, packing, quality and know what you expect from them.

Our customers are located throughout Europe and EMA'S products are found in supermarkets, catering and wholesale markets all the way from Finland to Spain and Norway to Rome. We cherish our long term relations with customers and welcome new to the family. We aim to develop, adjust, grow and become strong together.

Your EMA'S team consists of 4 persons in Denmark and 5 in Holland. 

We have all been dedicated to the work and trade of exotics for many years. We use our expertise to give you the best service, product and support possible.  Every single box is important for us knowing it means a lot to you.

Most of EMA'S partners/suppliers have certified social programs.

Every link in the supply chain aims at fair trade, good working conditions and preservation of our nature. EMA'S has sent donations to various charity projects ranging from support to families who have children with cancer, natural disasters, helping orang-utans in Borneo to building houses in Burundi for refugees.

EMA'S also offers organic produce, mainly ginger. Environmental & nature preservation / animal protection programs are focused on under various international and national schemes.

EMA'S is IFS Broker certified.  Our facilities in Holland are located at the Euro West facilities in Poeldijk and Euro West is BRC, IFS and SKAL certified.  Our supplies are all Globalgap certified. We have FVST approval for handling of organics and are members of the Supply Chain Initiative.

EMA'S is an independent company free of outside interests. We were founded in the mid 1990s.

Carambola was the first product in focus and has remained a core item for EMA'S ever since. The brand name EMA'S comes from the Bahasa language and signals good things such as Gold, fortune and the yellow colour of ripe carambola.