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Dear Customers, suppliers and friends.

Ginger from China

In spite of export challenges; missing containers, shipping space and vessel delays out of China, we expect to have containers in Holland on a regular basis through September and October. Promotions for October and November can be planned now!

Our standard packings of ginger are in cardboard boxes 3kg, 5kg and 12,5kg.   For environmental reasons, we no longer import ginger in plastic boxes.

Organic Ginger from Peru

Organic ginger and turmeric from Peru is available for loadings now and more containers are on the water.  All packings and promotions are possible again.

Lychees from Madagascar

December season planning with 2 vessels arriving in the beginning of December.  Main packing will be 2kg loose. Prices will be set later on when the pre-bookings and logistics all fall in place.

Contact us for more information or planning.


Production is short in week 36-38 and should slowly come back in volumes following this.

Plan is to come back with sea freight carambola only in the end of November ( if sea freight returns to normal sailing schedules ) so we can chase saving some CO2. In the mean time we continue imports by air to Amsterdam. 

Sweet potatoes:

Season from South Africa has ended for this year.  We will be switching to USA and Spanish the coming weeks. Sizes will be M, L1, L2 and XL. We will continue the grading at EMA’S Holland when we pack in the Black EMA’S boxes. Mainly orange varieties. There will be options to try some purple, white and organic sweet potatoes also.


We have both golden and Formosa coming in by air from Brazil. Prices are going up a bit right now due to lesser production in Brazil. Fruits are now packed with out foam net and stickers to save plastic where possible. Please plan ahead if you have special requests or size preferences.


We can offer daily loadings of all the wonderful varieties of cress from Koppert. Bookings in the morning, loadings after lunch. You can check the Koppert website for more info

Ripe hype:

We can currently offer sweet ripened palmer mangoes from Brazil, mainly count 9s. delicious count 22 hass avocadoes, organic hass avoes count 20-24s and golden papayas in by air.

Yellow pitahaya:

Fields are soon ready for harvesting in Ecuador.  Shipments to Europe by air.  Packings normally 2,5kg count  8-12s.  Pre-bookings possible now.


We have started a cooperation with Westland Mushrooms.  You can book from their selection of specialties daily and we can add them on your later loadings. 


Fig season is currently from Turkey.  Bigger volumes are coming up and of course this makes promotions ideal.  Mainly packed in count 20-24.

Season in Chilies

Chili production in Holland is running well. All varieties and packings possible. Supplies should continue through September and then change to green houses in Spain start October. Let us know if you have special needs. 

Passion fruits

Passion fruits season is currently from Colombia. Mainly count 38-42 in the normal 2kg boxes. Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa have fields are now being prepared for the December programs. 

Along side the purple passionfruit supplies we can offer Malaysian Pink passionfruit.  A bigger size fruit, pinkish on the outside and sweet inside.


Is now available by sea freight in 12*100gr.  To save plastic these are packed in “paper” punnets made from natural materials.

Our supplier can also ship physalis berries packed 12*125gr. These are pealed physalis, packed like berries and shipped to Europe by air. 

Thai Pyramid coconuts:

Pyramid coconuts from Blue River will be coming in again end September.  High shipping costs and lack of containers in Thailand are giving a lot of export problems.  It’s a wise idea to submit your December planning in this item asap so we can try to plan in due time.   

Ivory Coast Brown Coconuts:

Production of Brown coconuts is stable the coming weeks. Sizes 40+50.  We can pack these in c16s boxes.  Coco are also available pre booking in count 50s Organic.

Thai Specialties from Primex:

Primex is currently sending weekly air shipments to Schiphol. Lemongrass, baby corn, banana leaves, turmeric and galangal. Special packings and programs possible when preordering.

Mangetout and sugarsnaps:

We can currently offer supplies of loose and packed MT and SS from Zimbabwe.  Packing possible both in loose and packed.

Dutch specialties:

Should you need some of the different Dutch greenhouse specialties to fill up trucks then pls let us know. We are located in the Westlands, one of the centers of production in Holland, and can daily source precisely what you are looking for. Radish, peppers, chickory, fennel, courgette fleur, artichokes etc.

EMA’S Holland,

Your loading connection in Holland.  Check in and they help you load as fast as possible.

We would like to welcome Gosia and Masjka to the Team in Holland.

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