Product update

Ginger from China

In spite of export challenges; missing containers, shipping space and vessel delays out of China, we expect to have containers in Holland on a regular basis through July and August. Promotions for September and October can be planned now!

Our standard packings of ginger are in cardboard boxes 3kg, 5kg and 12,5kg.   For environmental reasons, we no longer import ginger in plastic boxes.

Organic Ginger from Peru

Organic ginger and turmeric from Peru will be available in bigger volume again start August.  All packings and promotions are possible again.

Lychees from Israel

Season start expected in week 30 – airfreight, followed up by sea shipments in week 32.  Packed in 2kg and preplanned programs possible now.


Production is coming back after corona lockdown in Malaysia in June. We have decided on a sea freight break on the carambola due to all the vessel delays and irregularities the coming weeks.  Plan is to come back with these again later this year to save some CO2 where possible.  In the mean time we continue imports by air to Amsterdam.

Sweet potatoes:

June 2021 we started a sweet potato project from South Africa. Arrivals into NL will be in big bins which we daily will pack in customer units. Sizes will be M, L1, L2 and XL.  Main orange meet variety will be Bellevue.  There will be options to try some purple and white meat sweet potatoes also. Stay tuned for more information.


We have both golden and Formosa coming in by air from Brazil. Higher production and shipping costs is going to push up the prices on papaya a bit over the summer. Please plan ahead if you have special requests or size preferences.


We can offer daily loadings of all the wonderful varieties of cress from Koppert. Bookings in the morning, loadings after lunch. You can check the Koppert website for more info.


Fig season from Brazil is still running well but towards the end of the season. Soon we will offer supplies from Israel to take over.  Turkish fig season is due to start up end of the summer and last for a few months. Count 24 and 4*6pcs.

Season in Chilies

Chili production in Holland is running well. All varieties and packings possible. Let us know if you have special needs.

Passion fruits

Passion fruits are currently available from Africa by airfreight. We have both size L and size M available for pre booking.  Packing is 2kg and 240bxpp.

Thai Pyramid coconuts:

Pyramid coconuts from Blue River are available in Holland the coming weeks. Main packing is 9 pcs, 10 kg boxes and 99 bx pp.

Ivory Coast Brown Coconuts:

Production of Brown coconuts in now coming in stable the coming weeks. Sizes 40+50.  We can pack these in c16s boxes.  Coco are also available in Organic when pre booked.

Dragon fruits Vietnam

Dragon fruits or Pitahaya from Vietnam continues to arrive weekly by air freight. We hope to be back in the fall with sea containers again.


We are currently doing some trials with physalis berries packed 12*125gr.  These are pealed physalis, packed like berries and shipped to Europe by air.  Pre booking is possible now. Normal physalis packed 12*100gr is of course available for daily loadings.

Thai Specialties from Primex:

Primex is currently sending weekly air shipments to Schiphol. Lemongrass, baby corn, banana leaves, turmeric, galangal and dry lime leaves. Special packings and programs possible when preordering.

Dutch specialties:

Should you need some of the different Dutch greenhouse specialties to fill up trucks then pls let us know. We are located in the Westlands, one of the centers of production in Holland, and can daily source precisely what you are looking for. Radish, peppers, chickory, fennel, courgette fleur etc.

Organics from Peru:

We hope to be back end of the fall with weekly arrivals  of organic Maracuya, Grenadilla and Tamarillo from La Grama.  Production has been set back by the last years Corona lockdowns.

Yellow pitahaya:

We will have the next crop harvest ready end of the fall Ecuador.  Main packings are count 10/12s.  Shipments will be planned by air when possible.

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